The horoscope JIKU ホロスコープ 時空 500
■ Welcome to the World of The horoscope JIKU
Free from the time and place, We want to foretell it stylish anytime and anywhere.

It goes out to worldwide with The Horoscope.

■ UPDATE the horoscope JIKU 2.0
Three options were added,
■displays the Asteroids and the Dragonhead by the addition
■displays the Compatible Horoscope by the addition
■displays the Progress Horoscope by the addition

The display of the horoscope and data was changed.

星座 西方 占星? 占星術
– Style with new fortune-telling
The horoscope JIKU ホロスコープ 時空
Let’s go out.
Then, let’s answer at that time.

When the companion gathers
Let’s cast a glance into the future by the horoscope.

It proposes the style with a new fortune-telling that can be done because it is iPad.

星座 西方 占星? 占星術
– Horoscope that stimulates sensibility
It unleashes annoying making the horoscope.
You can concentrate on feeling from the horoscope.

To be drawn in the horoscope is to stay up, at that time, in the day, in the place.
An important thing for the horoscope is how it talks about the moment.

The horoscope JIKU stimulates the sensibility of the user by a beautiful interface.
It will be talked about various stories from a beautiful horoscope.
The horoscope JIKU ホロスコープ 時空 2.0
星座 西方 占星? 占星術
The horoscope JIKU ホロスコープ 時空
– Reliability of horoscope
There is an orbit computation of the planet in the basis of the horoscope.
HoroscopeJIKU is highly accurate data to be able to answer professional needs.
This high accuracy data supports the reliability of the fortune-telling by the horoscope.
To answer professional needs,
To answer a newcomer in the entrance of astrology,
We aims at the iPad application program that all people can be satisfied.

A basic set is a horoscope by ten planets.
If the option is added, it becomes a horoscope by 15 planets including the planetoid.
星座 西方 占星? 占星術
– Kind interface for person
The planet is drawn on the horoscope, an interplanetary aspect is expressed by the table view format.
the planet on the horoscope can be connected by the straight line by an aspect two interplanetary.
The planet is classified each by 2(Duality), 3(Quality), and 4(Element).
The position of each planet is expressed at the constellation and the angle in the constellation.
House from 1 to 12 is expressed at the position of the constellation.
In this horoscope, it is drawn in Placidus House.

When (birth) time is a uninput because it doesn’t know time, it is drawn with solar chart

星座 西方 占星? 占星術
– World support
The input methods of the date and the place where the horoscope is drawn is also convenient.
The input at the date is a kind interface to people all over the world in the provision with the expression at three dates.

The input of the place can easily do specific at a more highly accurate position with Map for all over the world.

It corresponds to the time zone and Daylight Saving Time.

星座 西方 占星? 占星術
– Evolving the horoscope JIKU
The horoscope JIKU started from the desire that it wanted to help people for whom Rene Van Dale Supernatural Institue and Interbars Corpration used the West Astrology.
Hereafter, the horoscope JIKU will keep evolving.

Youtube – The horoscope JIKU


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